Tabitha (stephaniesspam) wrote,

Stupid customer 9874330

IDIOT: My keyboard is broken, i need a new one.

COOLEST PERSON EVER: Okay, whats wrong with your keyboard?

IDIOT: My number buttons arent working.

COOLEST PERSON EVER:Have you tried to click on NumLock and see if that works?

IDIOT: Not those number buttons. The other ones

COOLEST PERSON EVER: They arent typing anything?

IDIOT: Well, when i press cap lock it wont work

SO, im like...confused right. Cause why the heck wouldnt her number buttons work?!!? right?!?

UNGH, lets start over. When i press cap lock (and yes, she calls it CAP lock...not CAPS lock) and then i press a number button the thing above it should show up

COOLEST PERSON mean the symbols?....

IDIOT: yea. i need a new keyboard. Can you just get me a new keyboard.

COOLEST PERSON EVER: "Ma'am...that would be the SHIFT key. Why dont you try that

and she has the BALLS to tell me,

IDIOT: NO its the CAP lock key.

COOLEST PERSON EVER: No...the CAPS lock key capitalizes the doesnt do ANYTHING to the numbers...

IDIOT: Whatever. look i'll try but..

and then the idiot shuts up problem is fixed bye.

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