Tabitha (stephaniesspam) wrote,

The frustration that is......IT HELP DESK.

The Customers at work....should not have computers... OKAY SO, im at work, and im getting the usual boring fix quick/ticket calls...and this woman calls to check up on a ticket. And im reading it...and i dont know...i was like:
ME: "What the problem you're having?"
IDIOT ON PHONE : "I need someone to plug in my keyboard"

So im thinking maybe she has some physical disability that prohibits her from bending down and plugging this keyboard in.

ME: "Have you tried? Are you able to?"
IDIOT ON PHONE: " scared of stripping the pins" i look at the ticket and the summary states "Her keyboard is disconnected.  I tried to instruct her on how to reconnect her keysboard, but she stated that she couldn't do it.  Please assist."

ME: "If you just line up the little lines you wont have a problem just plugging it right back in"
HER: "I just really need someone to come and plug it back in for me. I dont know how."

Yeah....I think that if you cant plug in a fuckin keyboard, that you should NOT be near a fuckin computer. You should not be working on one, you should not be allowed to even look at one. Seriously...its simple...uhm yea. Stoopit.
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i think that is one of the funniest stories that i've heard in a really long time. i can just picture her shaking a crying in a corner staring at the cord and the back of the computer
haha, that gave me a giggle.
...uhhhh... that customer was ME!

lol just kidding... but man oh man... kudos for you, for actually attempting to be patient =)