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stephaniesspam's Journal

My name is Tabitha...and I am awesome. I have one hell of a kick ass girlfriend whom i love and cherish more than anyone ever :)
2 skinnee j's, acoustic guitar, addison va, afi, all american rejects, amelia bedelia, andre 3000, angelina jolie, anne rice, anti-flag, apex, apoptygmaberzerk, bagels, bald chicks, beer, beyonce, bikini kill, bluegrass, blur, bobby digital, boxcar racer, brand new, britney spears, bust a move, chad muska, charles spencer chaplin, charlie chaplin, chattahoochie, cheese, cheese pizza, chic fil a, christina aguilera, circa, classical guitar, clea duval, cocaine, crack, cyndi lauper, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, dropkick murpheys, dykes, edward scissorhands, egg nog, electric guitar, eliza dushku, ellen, ellen degeneres, funeral for a friend, germany, gina gershon, girls, globe, grrls, guitar, heelys, heroin, hypnotic, i love her, imma dope fiend., invader zim, jeznick, johnny depp, jthm, kathleen hanna, le tigre, lenore, lesbians, lots of beer, ludacris, madonna, marilyn manson, maryland, mint chocolate chip, mohawks, motion city soundtrack, moulin rouge, mozart, my gf, new orleans, newport news, nicole, nofx, osiris, outkast, penguins, peter smolik, piercings, pink, pirates of the carribean, pizza, pop, propaghandi, prosti"tots", pulp fiction, punk, ramona, rancid, rap, ren and stimpy, roald dahl, rock, rocko's modern life, salvadore dali, sara m., saves the day, sean paul, sex with sox on, shaved heads, shel silverstein, shooting up, shortys, shroomz, sin with sebastian, sinead o'conner, skateboarding, snafu, snafuperman, snoop dogg, soccer, sour apple pucker, southern comfort, spartan cheerleaders, steph borel, subway, system of a down, tatoos, tegan and sara, the ataris, the cranberries, the distillers, the misfits, the ramones, toan nyugen, tool, tuaca, twat, unwritten law, v8 splash, vegetarian food, virginia, wal mart, wiesbaden, wifebeaters, woodside high school, yeah