Tabitha (stephaniesspam) wrote,

another thing.

barium enemas?

i'd advise against em.
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i'd also advise against upper GIs

barium isn't too appealing
Had it a week ago. Not as bad. Not even a quarter as bad.
duuudddeee!!! when i was in the hospital (the first time, haha) i had to drink two huge cups of barium. i would've killed for them to just shoot it up my ass! i kept gagging everytime i took a sip and when they finally released me i went home and ended up throwing it up which was even worse.
Yep, i went in for that a week ago. They had me "drink" this dry fizzy stuff, which is the hell do i drink dry fizzy shit?? and then they made me drink that shit. it sucked. yeah but seriously...having that thing in my ass?? having them shoot AIR in my ass??? no thanks....that was HORRIBLE...
why didn't you just blow the air back out at them? hahahahha